Wednesday, November 28, 2012


In today’s post, “this” painting translates to “these” paintings, three paintings that clearly demonstrate my fondness for light and dark.

It was over 20 years ago that I first became truly aware of the drama of brilliant sunlight against a dark stormy sky; I was driving into a dark sky while the sun shone brightly behind me, lighting up the dirty white bark a bald plain tree and transforming it into a brilliant sculpture.  As soon as I saw that phenomenon I knew I had to incorporate it into my art, which I did, and continue to do, with some variation, all these years later.

Far From Brooklyn…acrylic…24x48

Before the Storm…Acrylic…24x48

My most recent experience of this show of nature occurred on my drive back from Texas, For most of the 12 hours I was following a storm moving east and staying far enough ahead of me to keep me dry, but still see the light as it fell on the autumn foliage.  The result was this painting:

Autumn Foliage…Acrylic…16x40

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