Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The first thing I got to do is slow down

I’m getting ready to wash the breakfast dishes, standing at the sink, when I realize I left the ceiling fan on in the studio.  I quickly run across the breezeway into the studio, turn off the fan, and hustle back to the kitchen.  Why?  Why did I move like I was facing some time deadline?  There was nothing I absolutely had to get done and nowhere to go; the entire day was ahead of me, to do or not do whatever I wanted. I catch myself rushing to get somewhere or complete some task all the time, and it is not just physically hustling...it is mental.  I’m always hurrying to get some little thing done.

I am convinced that life would be so much better - more enjoyable – if I would learn to mentally and physically switch to a lower gear and remain mindful of the fullness of each day, grateful for the opportunity to design it as I see fit.


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