Sunday, December 2, 2012


The WINDOW series:

Windows #1...12x12"

Several years ago I was playing with different ways of applying loose acrylics on to a panel or canvas, applying and removing paints with fabrics and paper.  I ended up with the background on
the above painting.  I knew I wanted to use it, but initially did not know how, until the approach seen in the above piece occurred to me.  The idea was simple, select a color theme for the background, and use similar or complementary colors in the composition contained in the "window".

Of course I had to expand on this, and the Windows series was born, which eventually grew to over 20 paintings of various sizes and shapes, but all following the same general guide lines.

Windows #12...the largest in the series...48x36"

Windows #21...extreme horizontal format

Windows #24...36x36...with a variation on the window

They were fun to do while the series lasted and I haven't gone back to this format since then.

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