Monday, December 10, 2012


Grocery shopping has never been a chore for me, and in recent years it has become a rather pleasant task, one that I look forward to doing.  Over the years I’ve fallen into somewhat of a routine, doing most of my shopping at one of our local Krogers super markets, as well as our seasonal famer’s market.  I suppose I averaged 2 to 3 visits a week to either one.

During our “year of pasta”, the shopping became somewhat predictable; there were the usual staples that I kept on hand, fresh, frozen, or canned, often in excess of our actual need.  My reasoning was, it would eventually all get used.  Everything changed this summer.

Two things were responsible for the change: first was our decision to go to a plant based diet, and second was the opening of the Midtown Market, about 29 blocks from our home.

Our new eating habits, motivated by not so desirable cholesterol numbers, is basically vegetarian, with limited seafood, no red meat, and limited dairy and fats.  We are even developing a taste for whole-wheat pasta…at least for selected brands.  Since we are eating so much fresh produce that has limited shelf life, it is necessary to buy only what will be used in the next 2 days, especially for the greens.  The root veggies allow us more time.  I suspect I could make the shopping more efficient if I planned a careful weekly menu…and followed it.  But that is something I’ve never been able to do, thus the frequent trips to the market.

For a long time I’ve harbored a fantasy of walking to a market in our neighborhood every day to buy the fresh foods for our evening meal, something not very practical in our circumstances.  Driving the 2 or 3 miles to Krogers would not be the same.  Then, in the spring of this year, a young man opened a new food market, featuring fresh produce, meats, and a variety of organic and non-organic gourmet staples and specialty items.

The locally owned Midtown Market is a short 22 blocks from our home, and the quick, easy drive there brings me one step closer to my fantasy.  I love shopping there, and I do just that, at least 5 times a week, getting only what I need for the evening dinner…OK…some times I buy impulsively, but that only supports a local enterprise, right?

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Kristin Brown said...

I'm lucky to live in a small town with a year round farmer's market that is so very good that I'm able to do all of my shopping there each Saturday, save for my milk (I can get yogurt and cheese there, but for some reason, no milk). I was thrilled when I came home for a visit this summer to discover Midtown Market. While it's a bit more of a hike from my mother's house then from yours, it's well worth the drive.