Friday, December 14, 2012


My entire life has been defined by my work.  From my school days, working on our farm, and in the local pharmacy, through college and medical training, to my careers in medicine and art, I have defined myself, to a great extent, by the work I do.

I consider my very fortunate to have had a sense of “calling” regarding medicine, and later, art.  I have always felt that this was the work that I was intended to do, and thus they have provided un-ending meaning and purpose to my life.  They chose me; I did not choose them.

Medicine and art have allowed me to be who I am, without the need to conform to the standards or requirements of the “work place”.  They have given me the opportunity to express myself to others, in a manner of my own choosing, whether it be through a bedside visit or a painting, calling on the gifts that have bee granted me.  Both, over the course of my lifetime have enabled me to exercise both sides of my brain, in medicine and in art.

Medicine was never a technological exercise or a business enterprise for me.  It was always about people, serving them and being present to them in all circumstances.  It was a privilege I will always be most grateful for.

I left medicine ten years ago, and since then art has been my life’s work, even as it has continued to evolve, surviving the periodic crisis of confidence and self doubt.  In recent years, new work has begun to emerge, in some ways bridging the gap between art and medicine…writing.

I have been writing for myself for years, in my journal and in letters to my children and friends, but it began to assume a larger role when I started my blog five years ago.  My “style” has always been the short, personal essay, in which I can share my reflections on current issues, write about my art, and share memories of my past. Or to explore almost anything that I find interesting.

I don’t know if my writing will ever be anything more than it is now.  But I intend to pay very close attention to it, and listen carefully…just in case it calls.

If it doesn't?    There is always food and wine!

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