Tuesday, January 8, 2013


There are many reasons why I love the work that has come to define my life, the ability to design my own day, the mixture of solitude and social interactions it provides, the freedom to choose not to work when the spirit moves me, and high on this list…the ability to move from one task or project to another at the slightest whim.

For most of the second half of last year my efforts were directed to working with acrylics on canvas and panels; these imagined landscapes varied in size from 8x10 inches to 36x48 inches.    This year, exercising my prerogatives as CEO, President, and Chairman of the board at Gallery 5, I am devoting most of my attention to works on paper – primarily creating the art for my Paducah project, as well fulfilling several commissions.  So, for the umpteenth time, the work- stations in the studio have been rearranged so I can have several works in progress at the same time, watercolor, markers, and pastel.  There is a common misperception that I am prolific because all I do is work, but the truth is, at least half of my time in the studio is spent with my feet up, reading, listening to music or “resting my eyes”.

Hey…it’s a good life.

Drawing and whatever

Drawing and watercolor

Drawing...pen - ink - markers - pastel
work in progress...Jim's BBQ

work in progress...Grace Church

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