Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I've given myself about 4 months to complete the artwork for this project, and with the month of January about to end, a tiny bit of panic has seeped into my usually very well controlled and organized thoughts.  (At least I think of them as being controlled and organized.)  But, refusing to give in to even the slightest bit of panic, I will continue with my well planed and organized work schedule.  (Yes, I think of it as well planned and organized.)

The truth is...I am having fun!  There is always something new for me to do, a new subject, a different medium, a new size, or perhaps a new group of photos to take.  Here are several recent additions to the Portfolio:

Grace in profile...watercolor

A Great building...markers

I like bricks, but...pen -ink-markers

Paducah Built...pen-ink-markers

One of these days I will get back to the acrylics, maybe evens some large canvases, but until then...I am Paducah bound.

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