Thursday, November 29, 2007


Fall oil 6x36" 2007

Wheat field acrylic 12x48" 2006

St. Michaels wc 12x38 circa 1985

the Other Side wc aprox 12x48" circa 1980

Borrowing a football phrase to describe my interest in the exagerated horizontal format - two of my favorites are the 12x48" and 24x48" canvases. I like the space they provide, allowing me to create the both a sweeping dimension to the horizon and/or an envirnment to provide context for my architectural subjects (usually barns).

I first began using this format during my early days of painting city streets in watercolor, before moving on to working on canvas. Here are several exammples of the early and more current work.

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Linda said...

I love that format -- (I think I've told you that before, haven't I!)

What really stands out to me about your early work vs your recent work (in these four examples) is how close you are to the architectural elements in the early years versus how distant your point of view is from them now. There's a more sweeping feeling of something greater in the later work. Does that make any sense at all? They're all just wonderful pieces! I learn a great deal from looking at your work.