Sunday, November 18, 2007


Where am I 16x17

Bricks & Pipes 7x13

What do you expect? 5x10

Saturday night was the opening reception of my exhibit at Paducah’s Yeiser Art Center. The works were, with a few exceptions, watercolors depicting the alleys and backs of many of the city’s downtown buildings. After working on this body of work all year, it was exciting to see it exhibited in Yeiser’s spacious gallery. There was a large turnout and the comments were very complimentary. Most of our art districts artists were there, and their praise was especially affirming. (Over 50 artists from all over the country have moved into the Lowertown neighborhood of Paducah as a result of their Artist Relocation Program. See

After abandoning watercolor for more than 5-6 years it was a worthwhile and enjoyable challenge to work once more in this medium. I found myself capturing the enthusiasm I feared I had lost.


dog face girls said...

Congratulations Bill.!! Love the garbage cans.


Aynex Mercado said...

I liked the pencil sketchy outline things on some of your pieces. I have pictures I have to give you.

Mary Thorsby said...

We're featuring you on our home page for this week week, and after that, folks can see the story in our iLove it archives! Well done!!