Friday, November 16, 2007


From: Have I Told You Today That I Love You

Do Not Be Afraid! Be open to new ideas and new directions and don’t be afraid of change. What is right for you now may not be so tomorrow. Don’t allow yourself to be trapped or locked into circumstances that you know to be wrong for you. Sometimes the forces aligned against you to change or move on will be extremely powerful and resourceful, but never invincible. Windows of opportunity can be very small, and often the greater the opportunity the smaller the window. Sometimes it will take all of your self-reliance and courage to move through those windows, but you can do it. Do not be afraid! If there would be one lesson for you to learn now it should be not be afraid of who and what you are, and what you are called to become. Don’t be afraid of change, remember, it is your world. .


Pequete said...

Another gorgeous painting - I love it. Again, so much is said with so little detail. As someone once said: less is more. I definitely agree.

Aniemother said...

Just what I needed! Thanks ;)

Ane (the WriggleButtMom)

dog face girls said...

Hi Bill,

Should I change my tune??

BTW, lov eyour profile picture.