Monday, November 12, 2007

Recycled work

The Third Time acrylic 24x24

Like so many artists, I have from time to time recycled a painting or two, either by making adjustments to the original image or totally painitng over it with a new image. For obvious reasons this is much easier to do with oil and acrylics than with other meduiums. It is difficult but not impossible with a completed pastel and with watercolor Iv’e had best results by “enhancing” the painting with pastels, colored pencil, ink, and/or acrylics.

The painting above is titled The Third Time because it is the third image on this panel, each one completely different from the one it replaced. The previous paintings, #1 and #2 are shown below.

painting #1

painting #2

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Pequete said...

I love your "Third Time". As a natural science illustrator, who also likes to paint, I struggle to get rid of a tendency to add all the details. I wish I could achieve such a strong sense of atmosphere just with colour and texture, like you did here.