Saturday, May 24, 2008


My studio and gallery are 3 houses to the left.

Until yesterday, the only place to buy art supplies in Paducah has been Michaels, hobby Lobby, and the various online catalog stores. Jonathan and Cindy Hobson have changed that with the opening of the Canvas Room, a art supply store located in their home just 3 houses away from me here in Lowertown. Jonathan, also an artist, has taken the time to carefully inquire of each Lowertown artist what his or her needs are in an effort to serve our community as well succeed in a tough retail environment.

Whether the Canvas Room can meet the discount prices of the major art supply catalogs is a moot point. Being able to walk a half a block away for my canvases, paints, or whatever trumps any price differences. This is Lowertown at its best. Did I mention that just one block away is an artist-picture framer?


Peanut said...

With the price of gas anymore being able to walk anywhere and get what you need trumps any price discounts. I always try to shop at the local independent stores if I can even if it does cost more.

dog face girls said...

Do they have any wool??

madre-terra said...

That's great.
What an exciting edition to Lowertown.