Thursday, May 15, 2008


Yet to be named...acrylic 20x16 $650

Skyscape V 40x30 work in progress

My recent working "groove" will be interupted when I leave later today for a trip to Maryland-Pennsylvania-Delaware-New Jersey. (Sounds like a lot but all of these states come together so one can travel about 15 miles in any direction an be in any one of them.) There is a reception at East of the Bay Gallery in North East MD for a 2 person show that I am part of. This Gallery has been showing my work for about 8-9 years and we have been doing a one or two person show every 2-3 years with modest success. I will return next week to begin planning for my show of the recent skyscapes in Gallery 5 in June.

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Peanut said...

Have a lovely trip. I really like the purple in the first one.