Friday, May 30, 2008


In recent days I have been struggling (unsuccessfully) with an abstract painting on a 36x36” canvas. Working on series of black, white, and red paintings my goal was to move from landscapes to total abstraction. For some reason I have been weighed down with the notion that this was necessary for me to really be an accomplished contemporary artist. This was not my first attempt at abstraction. Of course none of my abstract paintings ever succeeded, but I worked on, undeterred by my failures even as I grew suspicious of my motives. Yesterday'
s failure changed everything.

Why it has taken me so long is beyond my understanding, but today it is clear to me that I have been trying to be something that I am not. I am not an abstract painter. I want, need, desire, crave, (take your pick of words) at least one thing to keep me grounded in realism. For most of my work it has been the horizon or something of the built environment. What I really want to paint are landscapes, either rural or urban, where I can stretch reality and objectivity to any degree I choose, as in this last of the series of tree lines

White Tree line acrylic on canvas 12x48 sold

Regarding that 36x36" canvas...consider it a work in progress to be posted soon.


Peanut said...

Why try to be something you are not? Sounds like figuring out abstract isn't for you is a good thing. I love that red and white tree line. LOVE IT


Patience-please said...


dog face girls said...

So you better get crackin' on thst landscape.