Friday, October 17, 2008


From our apartment in Fonterutoli we explored some of the Tuscan treasures in a series of day trip. The closest village, Castelini in Chianti, just a few miles away became our home base. We enjoyed it small market and good restaurants, and on our last evening in Tuscany had our best meal yet at a small, inconspicuous family pizzeria (most of the restaurants call them selves Pizzerias).

I spent one morning in the town with my sketch book.

The Church on the Piazza. Pencil

small produce market directly across from the church pen and ink

We were able to buy groceries and other needed items for our week in the apartment at a nearby market, aptly named, the COOP. We later learned that it was part of a chain of similarly named markets in the region. Breakfast during most of the trip consisted of bread, salami, prosciutto, cheese, and occasionally left over pizza.

Two of the several restaurants in Castelini. We experienced both of them.

Looking down the main street. The piazza in at my back and the 2 restaurants just ahead out the camera's view.

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Villager said...

Gorgeous pics and narratives. I am glad that you and Patience are back. Even if you may wish for a little longer vacation. Don't we all...