Monday, October 20, 2008


After a week in Tuscany we drove to Rome, ditched the van, and spent 3 nights at an apartment hotel just outside of Vatican City. The two and half days there were enough to learn that Rome is "crazy". It is a large city teeming with tourists from all parts of the world. There is absolutely no rational pattern to the streets which serve as a speedway for the cars, buses, and bikes. It is all about speed, yet amazingly the drivers never seem to lose their cool when cut off by one another; it is accepted as the norm, that's just "the way it is".

Given the limited time we had, we signed up for a tour that gave us access to the Coliseum and the remains of the original Roman senate.

Personally, I enjoyed simply walking the streets and taking in the sights and sounds of the city. Given the size of the streets ans sidewalks, there were times this was a bit of a challenge.

Of all the amazing sights there are to see in this ancient city, I must confess that I got the greatest viewing pleasure from looking at the wonderful "umbrella trees" all over the city (and the country). I was told they are Mediteranian Pines. You can be certain they will appear in any paintings I do from this trip.

It is impossible to do justice to Rome in 2 days; it deserves at least a week and probably more. I confess my heart was not in Rome. For me it was simply a stopping off point on our way to Castlenuovo, our ultimate destination. We will arrive tomorrow!


Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh, these photos are amazing. I can't imagine how wonderful to be there in person!!

Linda said...

Oh, before I even read it, I just KNEW those trees were destined for your paintings! They're exactly right ... exactly. Did you have them made to order?