Sunday, October 19, 2008


From Fonterutoli we also made day trips to Florence and Pisa. To truly appreciate Florence requires more than one day, which we fully understood, but our goal was modest. We just had to see Michaelangelo's David, and we did. Photos were not allowed, so we had to settle for a copy of David in the piazza for our records.

We crossed the Arno river on the Ponte Vecchio, the bridge with homes and shops along both sides.

One thing that impressed us in Florence, and in other cites, was the unbelievable number of motor bikes and scooters. They were all over, speeding along the very narrow streets, zipping in and out between cars, buses, and curbs, and generally paying no attention at all to normal traffic patterns. Even more impressive were the drivers, men and women of all ages!

Florence's version of a "sculpture garden".

Ponte Vecchio

Visiting Pisa was not high on my agenda. Fortunately others didn't share my views and we spent an afternoon there, much to my delight. The tower that leans is nothing but impressive! With it's white, bluish marble glistening in the bright sun it was a riveting site.


dog face girls said...

Thanks Bill. I am so enjoying the virtual tour..Now if I could only taste the FOOD!!


Monica said...

Think it's time you and Patience scooter'd up! Beautiful pictures and I really like the sketches. Makes me want to travel Europe again! And soon.