Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Finally, after 10 days, we made our way to Castelnuovo Della Daunia, the hometown of my grandfather. This was the focus of the entire trip, where we would meet the remaining 16 members of our party and celebrate our connection to this Italian village. Fortunately my cousin Dante was with us. He grew up in Castlenuovo and lived there before coming to America as a young man. He was our guide and translator, and seeing the joy and pride on his face as he led us through the tiny streets and introduced us to old friends and aquaintances was as memorable as anything on this trip.

We left Rome early in the morning, on a train to Foggia, about 4 hours away. There were 11 of us, and the mood was rather festive as we enjoyed seeing the Italian country side unfold before us as we traveled south and east to Foggia. Shortly after arriving in Foggia we boarded a bus for the final leg of the journey, a one and a half hour ride through the beautiful hills and mountains of Apulia. Along the way stopping in one small town after another.

We arrive, climbing off the bus and retrieving our bags, and find ourselves standing in a small, empty piazza, not quite believing we are here.

Dante has made reservations for all of us at only hotel in town, and a nearby sign tells us it is about a mile away, down hill from the piazza. One by one we grab our bags and make our way to the hotel, totally in awe of the view before us. Thankfully the hotel sends a van to meet us, and we are able to send our luggage on ahead, preferring to continue walking.

Along the way we met up with others who arrived the day before.

The hotel is delightful, a wonderful oasis in what has been a hectic day.

Nathalie, Dante, and me on the hotel's terrace.

After settling in and getting ourselves together, we set out for town, this time going uphill, with Dante leading the way, stopping for a drink from one of the towns springs.

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Jean Levert Hood said...

Bill, I have loved all of your photos and the wonderful narratives of your trip. What gorgeous places. With a look forward to some of the future paintings,