Saturday, April 14, 2012


Politicians and talking heads would stop talking about big government and smaller government and begin talking about good, effective government.

If only they would stop screaming about over regulation and capitalistic greed and talk about appropriate regulations that protected the health and interests of the American people without crippling the enterprising spirit.

If only reasonable people would come together and agree on an an interpretation of the second amendment that made sense in the year 2012, without limiting reasonable access to firearms.

If only we could understand and accept the fact that there are very few issues that need be either this or that, and that there is always a place for compromise.

If only our “leaders” (and I use this term generously) would act with as much concern for our country as they do for their respective parties, and self-interest.

If only everyone could see that their way and their views are not the only way and the only views on just about everything and anything.

OK…I’ve vented.


Villager said...

Words of Wisdom, as usual, found here.
Also, love your small pencil sketches below!
All the best.

happy internist said...

dad for president!

Robert Hall said...

Sounds like you would like some logic in the National Interest, when the only interest is in not taxing the "interest" of the rich.
My wife is reading your wifes book. Like the dog walking bunggie fun. Robert Hall at

Robert Hall said...

I don't completely understand the internet language yet so I am not sure if I got thru to you