Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This and That

In case you missed the announcement, the entire Barns & Farms show can now be seen on my website.

 The year of pasta is almost over, although I haven't been posting as many meals since there have been more repeat dishes.  The idea of putting it all together in a book form is still bouncing around in my head; I've already done an abbreviated version to get a feel for the project.  Still undecided is the issue of ingredient amounts as well as other specific prep and cooking instructions.  I've been telling myself the reason I have not done this is because it is the way my mother cooked, but I'm not so sure that there is an element of laziness in my reasoning.

It is official, I will be having a solo show of works on canvas in McKinney Texas this fall, which means it is time to move from small to large.  The gallery has already selected 6 paintings, including 3 of my larger pieces (48x60").  I have about 3-4 months to complete at least 6 more canvases.  This will be a departure from the recent small drawings and paintings, which I intend to continue doing.

The Old house...acrylic on canvas...24x48".  Recently re-worked foreground.

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