Monday, March 4, 2013


In 1975 Rollo May wrote a book titled The Courage To Create, in which he described creativity as a result of an encounter between the artist and the subject.  As I struggled with the tension between medicine and art, this simple message resonated with me, helping me to understand my fascination with the urban environment that was the primary subject of my early work.

Some 35 years later I am once again responding to such an encounter, and am pleased to report that the difference in time and place has not dampened my enthusiasm.  I have been painting Paducah architecture and street scenes since my arrival here almost 11 years ago, focusing almost entirely on the downtown environment; my intent now is to expand my encounter to the Paducah I have not seen before. 

I don’t know what I enjoy more, exploring the city with my camera, or executing the drawings and paintings of what I’ve seen.

Quilter's Alley

Katerjohn's Pharmacy

Slim's BBQ

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