Sunday, March 10, 2013


Remnants of Paducah Past 

Anyone old enough to remember the mom and pop-shops and markets of the past will understand my attraction to these hollow remnants that remain scattered throughout the city.  You have to look carefully because sometimes they have been “made over” into something thought to be more suited for the “modern” age.

There was a time when people did not drive to supermarkets and malls miles away to do their shopping; every neighborhood had its own shops and markets to serve the needs of its residents.  Granted, nostalgia tends to make everything better than it actually was, but one thing cannot be argued…everyone knew your name, because they were your neighbors.

When I look at these abandoned buildings I see them as they might have been years ago, when they were a vital part of the neighborhood.  Imagining their stories and their history is as fascinating to me as their visual presence.  I try to evoke their past with my art.

11th st.

11th st. it might have been

Mr. In between
 This lonely building sits in nowhere land between Lower Town and Fountain avenue area.

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