Thursday, March 28, 2013

THE PADUCAH PORTFOLIO…8 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


There are times I feel like the proverbial dog being wagged by his tail.  This project seems to have acquired a life of its own, which includes constant growth.  Just when I think I have the concept defined and contained, I discover a place, a structure, or some other unique subject that I simply cannot ignore.

My file of photos is approaching astronomical proportions, and the pile of drawings and paintings is not far behind.  Selecting what to include, and then trying to organize them is giving me a headache.

But of course, I’m a tiger, and the work goes on without any whining or complaining.  (The previous comments do not constitute whining or complaining; they are simply statements of fact.)

I’ve been spending some time in Paducah’s “Southside” discovering a bounty of fascinating places.

My task, through my artwork, is to make these places fascinating to you.

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tp lowe said...

always enjoy your posts - these photos are wonderful.