Sunday, March 17, 2013



Three months into this project and I find myself faced with a new dilemma.  What is my priority, the art, or the subject (Paducah)?
The original concept was to create a book featuring art that was generated by my encounter with the city.  It would be a book to look at, rather than reading, and the primary focus would be the artwork.  But as the work progressed, and I visited more and more streets and neighborhoods in the city, the focus seems to have quietly shifted to “presenting” the city itself, albeit through the art.

It is a subtle, but significant change.  If the primary intent is to present my Paducah inspired art, then the subjects included are of secondary concern.  But if the goal is to present a picture of Paducah, then it is important that I accurately represent the city, and cover all significant areas.  

I have decided that it does not have to be an either-or situation and will work at being as inclusive as possible, keeping the focus on the art and accepting the limitations of trying to portray and all inclusive portrait of Paducah.  The bottom line is…I continue to paint and draw until …whatever.

Recent additions to the portfolio:

Jefferson St. Sampler

Kentucky Avenue shops

Lower Town Sampler

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