Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Some memories never fade, but retain their same intensity over many years. Was it really 30 years ago (3-78) that I wrote about the death of this sad man? While so many other faces have long since left, his face and his voice remain with me, along with a handful of others, to remind me of a life I have left behind. On the few occasions when I write about patients I have cared for, I change the name to maintain their privacy. But I cannot make myself do that today because I feel it would be a disservice to this man who for so long felt so alone and angry.
Mr. Santoro died today.

May he find the peace and love he felt denied to him while he lived.
I’m sorry Mr.Santoro, truly sorry that I could not make your life a happier one.

You are peaceful now, I have never seen you look so tranquil...
Your face so relaxed.

It is not the face of a dead man.

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