Saturday, January 19, 2008


Following is the next page of narrative and the art work in Have I Told You Today That I love You.

from an acrylic on canvas 36x48"

In the course of your lifetime you will come to know and learn much. Your mind will incorporate data from countless hours of listening, reading, and observing, where it will be filtered and stored, all very rational. But there is another way of knowing, irrational or non cerebral, not in the head, but in the heart. A sense of knowing felt deeply within yourself, where it may come to you directly, out of the blue with no previous inclination of such, or it may be something you have known in your head, but suddenly experience at another level, finding yourself saying, “so that’s what they meant when they said...”. What I hope to share with you is what I have come to learn and know, at that deeper level, in the course of my lifetime. I cannot trace its origin, which is far too diverse to remember, but all of it I know, deep in my heart, to be true for me. Reading and remembering this is fine, but only when you incorporate it into your heart, when you truly know it, does it become wisdom by which you will guide yourself. I am not so presumptuous as to believe that I am the only one who can tell you of these matters. You will read and hear from others much wiser and learned than me. And of course you will live through your own experiences, folding into your own body of wisdom those which you choose. I write this because I have often been helped by the words of others, and perhaps, in some way, these words will help you.

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amy_renzulli said...

This post is to your children, so one of your children should say THANK YOU!!! I think you know how lucky and blessed I feel because I tell you that almost every day. I hope I can be to my children who you have been to me. I will know I have succeeded if they feel about me like I do about you!

Love from your favorite daughter,