Monday, January 21, 2008


acrylic on panel 24x24"

Inevitably, every artist is asked that question about their art at one time or another. My usual answer is I’m not trying to say anything, but the question, and my answer, would leave me feeling unsettled.

Should I be “saying something” with my art? Is that what real artists do, and does that mean I’m not a real artist or a serious artist? As I have written before, living in an artist community has exposed me to endless conversations with other artists about art, its meaning, and most anything else one could imagine coming up in such conversations. For a self-taught representational artist, being submerged in this community of artists and talking about concept art and abstraction was heady stuff. After years of being very comfortable with my art I found myself insecure and uncomfortable and only recently have worked my way back to feeling comfortable and secure in what I do.

And what is it that I do? I paint to create harmony and beauty. Whether it is a pastoral scene, an urban landscape, or an abstraction, my only goal is to create an image that I, and the viewer, can embrace. I am not trying to say or accomplish anything more than that. As a physician my efforts were directed toward helping people feel better; my art is an extension of that work. As every artist knows, some works succeed more than others.


Abby Creek Art said...

So well said, Bill...and this painting is just beautiful. I love it!

Really enjoyed Patience's post today about you and Delia.

Linda said...

"... my efforts were directed toward helping people feel better; my art is an extension of that work."
STANDING OVATION!!!! That is so very well said! Last year at about this time I had set the goal of writing an artist's statement (this all came from a book -- you know how that goes.) It floored me. Stopped me dead in my tracks. Totally de-railed me. Finally I wrote something that was totally flip and "in your face" sarcastic, I gave myself permission to not have an artist statement, felt free from it, and went on. How I WISH I had come up with something this beautifully elegant. Perfect.

William F. Renzulli said...

To Abby Creek Linda, Thank you. This is one of my favorite pieces. It may be too dark for some peoples taste.

TN Linda, Thanks. I too have always struggled with artists statements and avoided them whenever possible. I would prefer to let the art stand as my statement.

dog face girls said...

Oh Bill, the colors are stunning. What else can I say. Hope you are feeling better.

Hugs to you and smooches to Deli.


JafaBrit's Art said...

Popped over from Linda B's blog. I feel we all bring our own meaning when viewing artwork, even when knowing the specific intent behind it by the artist.

I LOVE this painting, it is so rich and powerful. To me is pulsating with an energy that is at once raw and beautiful.