Thursday, January 10, 2008


Domes on Broadway pastel 24x38

In February, 2001 we commit ourselves to the program and in the fall we purchase our “dream home”. Construction begins early the following spring, and by August of 2002 we are in our new home in our new neighborhood in our new town.

During this time Mark Barone and the city were busy little beavers, receiving numerous inquiries and visits by other artists from all over the country. By the time we arrived Charlotte and Ike and Freda were already here, and shortly afterwards we were joined by Mark P. and Denise and Craig, and the Lowertown art district began to have faces and names! Others soon followed: Nancy and Charlie, Paul and Louis, Lorrie,and Marta and Joel.
The community grew exponentially, far beyond what anyone honestly anticipated, and it was exciting to be a part of that experience. (The artists mentioned here, and those that followed, can be found on the programs web site, The city of Paducah and the folks at Paducah Bank welcomed us warmly, as did the residents of Lowertown who persisted through its difficult times. Since its inception 60-70 new residents have moved into the neighborhood, most of them artists (painters, printmakers, photographers, writers, scultpers, architects, and potters.)

Freda's home and studio-later moved her studio to Studio Miska

Marta & Joel-home, studio, and gallery

Nancy and Charlie, home and studio/gallery

Lewis & Paul, home, studio, and gallery

The city was doing more than recruiting artists; the new River Heritage Museum was completed and included the Maiden Alley Cinema, the home of the Paducah Film Society, and construction began on the 40+ million dollar Performing Arts Center, to be the home of major performing artists, local presentations, and a series of Broadway shows. (Jerry Seinfeld is appearing tonite and tomorrow.)

Next- 803 Madison St. and Gallery 5


Jean Levert Hood said...

This is an amazing success story, William! I have loved learning about it through your posts.
That is a lovely pastel piece.

Patience-please said...

I gave you a blog award! It's at my blog.