Thursday, January 31, 2008


After 23 paintings I feel it is time to move on. The series is losing its freshness and I am losing my enthusiasm. I have had to push to complete the last few paintings and I suspect that shows in the work.

I’m anxious to get back to some more traditional landscapes, as well as exploring other ways of marrying my interests in representational painting and abstraction. I have several ideas fermenting in my mind, some of which will borrow from my experience with the window series. Time will tell!

Here are the last of the windows:

Distant Peaks (Window #24) acrylic 12x15

window #23 acrylic 12x24


Villager said...

Never say never...these windows may come back, and if so, they will be welcome. And yes, I did go to Olive Garden. Regretably, I had to skip the chianti (some pesky company policy).
Until dinner, that is.

Linda said...

Well, I do love those windows, and they WILL be welcome if they come back!
I really LOVE the "background" (is that what you would call it?) of the Distant Peaks piece -- such wonderful texture and so very soft.