Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Two years ago a gallery responded to my submissions saying they liked the work, but did not carry artwork under glass (I submitted a CD of my pastels). That, along with my growing problem with framing costs, was enough to make me do what I had been talking about doing for years...begin working on canvas with acrylics and oil.

I started with acrylics, thinking I could do with them what I was doing with the soft pastels, but soon found out that was not the case. I was working on panels and canvases, 24x24 and smaller and as I gained some facility with the new medium found a process that felt comfortable. Here is one of the early pieces.

Stormy Sky canvas 18x22

Soon I felt the itch to work larger, 30x40, 24x48, and eventually 48x60. It was with my first attempt that I learned that working larger required a looser and more intuitive approach, and I began using the palette knife more than the brush. My landscapes became bolder, more colorful, and incorporated abstract to semiabstract elements.

Dark Forest 30x40 the first large canvas

Somewhere Else, the first 48x60" canvas

I now work in all sizes, from 5x5” to 48x60 (the largest my studio can accommodate) and am enjoying the freedom to explore a wide variety of techniques, depending on the goal of the painting. The smaller work is generally tighter and more literal than the larger pieces.


JafaBrit's Art said...

Love the brush strokes on the "stormy sky" and the grays.

thanks for visiting my blog :)

timeisoftheessence said...

Love "Somewhere Else"! Why haven't I seen this before? The storm looks so real to me! I've seen many like that in Idaho! Got Wine?

Linda said...

I love "Somewhere Else" -- it's funny, but your acrylics and your pastels are remarkably similar -- one can tell that they are "yours". Wonderful!

Villager said...

These pieces are really stunning. I love your dark backgrounds and I think "Stormy Sky" with its streak of light, steals the show. Best wishes for your continued recovery.

William F. Renzulli said...

Valerie, I don't know why you haven't seen it before...it had been hanging in the gallery for months!

Linda, I have been fascinated w light against a dark background, usually sky, for some time now and have used the approach in both media.

thanks villager, I don't know why this painting hasn't sold. too dark I guess. And when are you going to start painting larger?

timeisoftheessence said...

Maybe I should take my glasses off when I visit the gallery! I don't usually wear them while I am on the computer, so maybe that's the problem. I will have to come and look again!

Terry Banderas said...


Your have posted some beautiful art for all of us to see. It has been forever since I worked large--college was the last time. You and I are in the same mode--retired. Never thought I would be so busy in retirement. Your ability to write well also is a talent. You portray your messages well. Keep in touch.