Monday, June 2, 2008


I seem to be stuck in this recycling mode:

First attempt on this 24x48" canvas was a scene from downtown Paducah. It started out with a great deal of promise, but in the end I was not satisfied. I put the canvas away without showing it and several weeks ago decided I could salvage the sky, which I liked by overpainting the lower half with this landscape.

This was better, but still fell short of the mark. I liked the sky but the rest of the painting was rather uninteresting.

In the end I thought this piece was just OK, and kept it on the easel for awhile. Eventually I decided it needed more work and after several unsuccessful glazes and other subtle changes I went bonkers with the palette knife. The result:

acrylic 24x48 $2500
This is it. I'm finally finished, or am I?


Linda said...

Wow -- it's amazing to see how the painting evolves from one thing to another. I've not stopped by for a while, and see I've missed a lot of interesting "tree art", which I really love!

madre-terra said...

The completeness of one's art is totally introspective.
In any event I love seeing the evolution.
It's a beautiful piece.