Sunday, June 1, 2008


Yesterday my wife showed me a flyer she picked up at her recent visit to her gynecologist’s office. It was a standard sheet of paper with multicolored flowers and butterflies listing all of the “specials” available from a “health specialist” in the office. These included, among other things, botox injections, laser hair removal, and a variety of treatments for wrinkles, sagging chins, and cellulite. What bullshit!!

When did wrinkles and sagging chins become a health issue? And who is the “health specialist” that administers this ....whatever. I can’t bring myself to call it treatment. (How about cutaneous intervention?)

I refuse to relinquish my belief in what the practice of medicine should be...a noble profession providing the physician with the privilege to serve. The flyer my wife showed me was not about service, it was about exploitation. Sadly, I have come to expect this from the plastic surgeons, but now it appears even the Ob-Gyn folks have climbed on the money express. Far too many physicians today are more concerned about maintaining their inflated incomes than about the service they provide.

posted 6-1-08


madre-terra said...

Do you think that they are laughing all the way to bank?
Or do these demented surgeons truly feel that they are providing a muchly needed service.
I, for one, will never know cuz I ain't goin' for no botox lips.

dog face girls said...

OMG, never gonna get me to succumb..

Brenda said...

Great post!