Sunday, June 15, 2008


Yesterday the Lowertown art district held its monthly Second Saturday Gallery Walk. I planned for a low key reception at Gallery 5 for the Skyscapes exhibit, posting it in our local media and on line networks without a postcard mailing to my mailing list. My expectations for a low turnout were woefully off the mark much to my delight. From 5 to 8 PM there was a constant turn over of visitors, an equal mixture of friends, neighbors, artists, as well as first time visitors to the gallery.

Fortunately there was enough wine, chips, and dip for everyone, but the hands down favorite drink of the evening was the bowl of home made sangria compliments of our lovely neighbor, Valerie. I should point out that everyone in our community goes out of their way to support one another by joyfully drinking their wine and eating their food. Is there a better way of saying I love you?

In the six years that Gallery 5 has been open I’ve averaged 2-3 opening receptions a year and I don’t know that I have enjoyed any of them as much as I did last night.

3 important women in my life! Never far from the food and wine.

Fine art, sangria, and wine, inspire high brow conversation.


dog face girls said...

Ha, I see Patience stuffing her pie hole!! Hi Lee and Dee! Is that Harvy looking so very thin?


Aynex Mercado said...

awww! wish I had been there.

Linda said...

Wow -- it is really neat to see your work in a room. I don't think I really had an idea of how large some of your pieces are! Looks like it was a fantastic show, including the sangria.