Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The turmoil and demands of the past few weeks have taken their toll on both my art and my blog, leaving me with little enthusiasm for both. Our children and grandchildren’s visit was worth all the effort. We enjoyed a wonderful visit in spite of all the food and wine!

On a sadder note, we shared our last meal with the Tilkers last night, and despite everyone’s best efforts, an air of sadness and fatigue prevailed as the reality of their move hit us all. There were no dry eyes when we said our final goodbyes at the front gate.

The muse’s leave of absence (which actually started several weeks ago) doesn’t concern me; experience tells me they will return. In the meantime I intend to embrace this bit of sadness and find some comfort in knowing that it will soon shepherd in a new day.

Early Light Oil Pastel 10x10


madre-terra said...

The tide will rise, the flowers will bloom, and the birds will sing. As you have said...life is like that.
If I was there I would give you a hug.
You are such an eloquent man.

dog face girls said...

I'm sure Patience will share on of her Sky Bars with you!