Friday, March 11, 2011


For the past several months I have been thoroughly enjoying myself creating art books using the iPhoto apps on my Mac. Those of you who follow this blog regularly know that I've spent a lot of time recently cataloging and digitializing slides of work from my distant past. With all of those images available to me organizing and recording them into something like...oh...I don't know...a book...seemed like the natural thing to do.

So far I've created a dozen books on the computer and have printed 7 of them. I am making them available on my website, but I'm really doing this for my own satisfaction, plus with the idea that perhaps some of them can be used as a portfolio of sorts in promoting my work to galleries and dealers.

Of all the books, one is particularly special to me, An Emergency Room Sketchbook. This is something I have been thinking about for years and today I received my first copy in the mail.

An Emergency Room Sketchbook...spiral bound 6x8". 56 pages with 64 pen & ink drawings.
price...$40.00 includes S&H

The drawings are from my journal/sketchbook which was my constant companion during my ER days.

I will be introducing the other books in future posts. They include: the Philadelphia Paintings, The Wilmington years, Barns & Farms, the Art of W.F.R., Acrylic Paintings, Clay Drawings, and Industrial Art.

YES...I have been on a book roll!!

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Amy said...

I love it Dad! I think I need to invest in the whole collection!