Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I did what I often do when my wife is out of town...call neighbors and friends and arrange to share dinner, in my kitchen or elsewhere. I knew that the Kitchen Man caught a 21" bass Saturday morning, so my choice seemed obvious...call Keyth and invite him and Elaine to dinner. Surely he would respond by saying...oh...something like..."I'm cooking the Bass, why don't you join us"?
Now Keyth can be as devious as me, and his response was...let me talk to Elaine and get back to you, keeping me waiting and gaining the edge. Of course I had dinner with them and as usual it was a delicious meal with wonderful company. Elaine is a great friend. Keyth...so so but we're working on it. (because I love him dearly.)

the Kitchen man at work

His better half and Barkley
I know...it looks a little messy...but....

The results were outstanding, as they always are at Leaping Trout's kitchen.

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