Thursday, March 17, 2011


My dear wife hates to shop. Just this morning I heard her say, "mention the word mall and I break into tears". It is not unusual for her to return from a shopping trip in that very state of mind...crying and miserable. She hates to shop, especially for herself.

This week we were invited out to dinner, and for the occasion Patience needed new black shoes.
So armed with a fortified sense of resolve she headed to the mall where, among other things, she found a pair of shoes that felt quite comfortable. Unfortunately, upon returning home she found that the left shoe was causing a great deal of pain in some of her toes, confirming her notion that shopping sucks and throwing her into a tizzy. She wore the shoes and suffered through the evening like a real champion, and this morning she was preparing to return them.

Here are the shoes:

And here they are again...look closely at the left shoe:

And here is the cardboard insert that caused her so much distress, physically and mentally.

I love her dearly, but I'm not sure she should be allowed to shop alone, ever.


happy internist said...

i would say that only patience could do that, but i think i went to the big elk mall once with one side of my nursing bra down.

jeannette said...

Not many husbands I know would say that about their wives for the reason you do, lol!