Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Just when I thought I would no longer have to deal with "values" as discussed in a political context I was hooked by a recent letter to the editor in our local paper. In it the writer expressed his concern for our country and stated we need to return to "God centered values". Unfortunately there was no effort to delineate or define these values; I can only assume he thinks they are obvious and known to all, but this leaves me with so many questions and opens the door to the risk of significant misunderstanding.

For example, I can imagine the writer as an extreme fundamentalist who, when writing about values, is referring to the sins of homosexuality and abortion, which may or may not fair to him.

Or, he may be concerned with much more than these issues, wishing out country could embrace Christianity, the bible, and that we live a life reflecting our belief in Jesus as our personal savior.

I really don't know what the writer was referring to do. What God, or whose God is it that determines these values? And where does that leave those who either don't share his faith in a higher power or simply don't know? Are they incapable of holding values, and can they be valid if they are not based on faith and/or belief?

I would like to see all talk of "values" abolished. If someone needs to talk or write about such then state specifically what you, compassion, integrity, honesty, forgiveness, or whatever and avoid generalities like God centered values that have no meaning.

Ok, I'm over it, and have been browsing my photos for an appropriate image to add to this post and decided on wine! Here is a photo of my dad and his older brother in his wine cellar. They grew up making and selling wine on the family farm. Prohibition ended the selling but they never stopped making wine, even long after the vineyards were removed. What does this have to do with values? Maybe in another post.

My father later in life

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