Monday, May 20, 2013

CLUTTER...or...I am what I am...part 3

Clutter, no matter how hard I try, it always seems to collect itself around me, in the studio, the kitchen, and my study.  Actually it appears wherever I settle for whatever reason for any length of time.  Of course the content of the clutter varies with the location, but common to all “clutter pods” are pens, pencils, small note pads (except when I want one.), books and/or magazines.


I should acknowledge that I do not mind clutter, and in fact find some degree of comfort in being surrounded by familiar, frequently used “tools” and “doo-dads”.  But, it must be organized, not so much for neatness as for utilitarian purposes.  I do require some sense of order, and organized clutter fills that need.  I am not ashamed of my clutter, and feel no need to put everything away when we have company.  Clutter tells others something about who we are, our interests, and more.

Clutter is not for everyone.  It certainly is not for the OCD inclined individual, or for someone who cannot exercise a degree of self control; un-kept, disorganized clutter quickly become an unsightly mess

From time to time I get some misguided inspiration to clean up, to remove the clutter and expose virgin table, counter, or whatever tops.  This tends to happen after I’ve visited friends or family whose entire home is reflected in clean, glistening surfaces”.  Of course it comes to nil.  I can expose the surfaces for perhaps one or two days, maybe even three days, but eventually the real me takes over, and clutter returns, accompanied by a silent sight of relief.

Then there is the clutter that follows me wherever I may be, affectionately called the "canine clutter".


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laurie said...

I loved this one Bill :-) Perhaps it is because I'm the same way and what you wrote is perfectly worded for me as well!
I also got the biggest smile seeing the "canine clutter"! :-)
Thanks for the smiles and reassurance that I am not the only one like me!