Saturday, May 11, 2013

I AM WHAT I AM…part 2


Just when you think you’ve turned a corner, and are about to leave behind a habit that has become increasingly burdensome in recent years, something happens to pull you back in.  In my case it was our hot water heater.  Or, more accurately, our broken hot water heater that eventually caused my relapse.  An explanation is in order.

Last evening, while enjoying the cheese tray. Josh’s black bean and cheddar bread and Kirchhoff’s dipping oil, along with the delightful company of our dinner guests, I heard water running in the dog room (just off the kitchen).  Thinking that Patience forgot to turn off the faucet after washing the dog dishes I went in to do just that, and nearly fell on my ass slipping on the water covered floor.  To by great consternation – that is a wonderful word, consternation, love the way it sounds- I saw the water gushing out of the hot water heater from a crack about waist high.  Mumbling “oh shucks”, or something like that, I quickly figured out how to turn off the water, and then cut the circuit breaker.  Being an accomplished homeowner I can say things like “cut the circuit breaker” and “turn off the water”.  Patience just reminded me that she pointed out to me where the cutoff valve was, and later suggested that the electric power also be cut off.  I went to the circuit breaker and saw HW heater and turned to my wife with a questioning look…she said yes dear, ”that is the one”.  

What does this have to do with my burdensome habit?  I’m getting there; I’m getting there.  It is important to set the stage, so to speak.

Undeterred by the wetness, we went on to enjoy a wonderful evening sharing food and wine with friends, piled all the dishes and stuff in the sink, and went to bed, confident that it would all be there, waiting for us in the morning.  And it was.  After breakfast using paper plates and cups, the tiger in me took over.  I carried everything that needed to be washed across the breezeway into the studio, to be washed in the studio sink (a different hot water heater).  Now we get to the heart of this narrative.

I’m a pack rat.  One look around my studio will confirm that.  Several years ago I stopped using a desktop file rack to display greeting cards, but simply could not discard the well-designed and perfectly functional rack.  Last year we replaced our kitchen sink dish and silverware drain, and once again, I could not throw out the well-constructed silverware basket; surely it would be useful somewhere, sometime.

Last night was the time…for both accessories.  Could I have washed the dishes without using these remarkable aids?  Of course, but it would not have given me the same degree of satisfaction and affirmation.  Just look at these photos.

How will I ever be able to throw something away after this?  I am what I am.

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laurie said...

Bill, I am the same way!! I completely understand :-) Well done!