Friday, February 1, 2008


Pastel Barn 12x16

I don’t remember the occasion that prompted it, but my dear sweet wife looked me directly in the eyes and said, “you’re a friggin Pollyanna”! And of course, as many of us know, Patience is always right. I freely admit it. As my dear wife is quick to point out, I look at the world through rose colored glasses.

I guess I have always been the Pollyanna. From time to time I’ve tried to change, but have never met with any success. So I now happily accept my lot, and in fact, am quite proud of it. Admittingly there is always the risk of being disappointed and/or deceived by people or circumstances. However the advantages more than make up for the occasional slight.

I think Pollyanna's are generally happier folks because they can usually find the good in people and circumstances, enabling them a measure of enjoyment the non-pollyanna might miss. And Pollyannas are fun to be around; they cast a positive light on everything, even if it is not entirely warranted.

Only as a pollyanna could I have left my medical practice to be an artist, and 12 years later at age 53, open a medical practice in the barn on our farm. And only a pollyanna could pick up an move 900 miles from family and friends to be part of an artist relocation program that had nothing to offer but hope . My rose colored glasses have served me quite well and I have not intention of taking them off.

My art reflects the world I see through these glasses.

Purple Mountains Acrylic on canvas 36x48


elenaberenice said...

Awww, how lovely :) I like your rose colored glasses :)

Patience-please said...

Thank God for those rose colored glasses, through which you've seen - and evoked - the best in me for twenty-five years. I am the luckiest woman alive.


Aynex Mercado said...

What would we do without our Mr. Pollyanna?

dog face girls said...

Hey!! We don't need no stinkin' glasses!!!

Villager said...

Looks like the barn painting is another way you are combining representional painting with abstraction, as you were doing with the windows. The Purple Mountains remind me of the Tetons.
Great works, both, in my humble and self-taught opinion.
Regarding the rose-colored glasses, where can I find a pair? I think we all have days where we really need them.
I liked this post a lot.

Linda said...

I LOVE the barn -- it's like it busted out of the window series...
:-) Do you underpaint with acrylic or watercolor when you work with pastel?

William F. Renzulli said...

To wife and friends, thanks for such nice words.

To Villager, this self taught artist values your self taught opinon!

To linda, Ironically the barn was done several years before the window series. I do my pastels on cold press illustration board with an aqueous acrylic wash under painting.

Anita Davies said...

Your pastel barn is beautiful!!!