Friday, April 8, 2011


The handwritten sign I placed on the shelf reads… throw something away every day. I thought that would help, and I needed all the help I could get because I am a hopeless pack rat. I have an excuse and/or reason for everything in my possession:

Excuse #1. As a model railroader creating a miniature world, all the little scraps of wood, metal gizmos, and other small stuff could always be used on the layout.

Excuse #2. Although I no longer have the model RR, this same stuff can be used in the constructions I’m doing in the studio. Those toothpicks make great fence posts, and the old rubber washers look great on the grounds of the power plant…and on and on and on.

Excuse #3. Well…you just don’t know when that piece of nylon webbing will be needed, and those expandable curtain rods, God forbid I would have to go out and buy some if I needed them.

Excuse #4. This one trumps them all. But how can I get rid of this? It belonged to my sainted mother.

So…you can understand the difficulty I face in my latest attempt to move things out. However, as you know by now, I am nothing if not a tiger, and I will prevail where a lesser man would fail. I have a system…it is slow but effective. I see 3 items that have to go, but know I can’t do it. So I pick one and toss it. Then after waiting an hour or so I go back and remove a second item. When I return again I decide the 3rd item is too important to toss, and I’m pleased with myself for removing 2 out of 3! Next, I pick 3 more items, including the 3r from the first 3, and repeat the process. I figure that I will have the job completed easily, with time to spare, by September, 2012.

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Villager said...

Sigh...I know what you mean. We are in the process of relocating back to the Northeast (Yes!) and have spent the last few weeks unloading tons of unwanted junk.
Next time I will be a lot more careful bringing additional junk into the (new) house.
Anyway, I continue to enjoy not just your wonderful art but also your inspiring thoughts.
Best Regards.