Saturday, April 9, 2011


My dear wife left for the whippet nationals one week ago today, leaving me with the 5 oldsters, Mama Pajama, Fat Charlie, Delia, Luciano, and sad Sam I am, and easy group to manage, which I did, quite well I might add…until yesterday. At precisely 3:30 PM a client called to say he would be at the gallery in about 5 minutes to pick up the painting he was buying. Earlier I had promised him a cup of espresso when he came. I went into the kitchen an prepared the coffee and to my dismay saw Fat Charlie falling all over himself, unable to stand, let alone walk. Remembering our experiences with labyrinthitis in our other older whippets I looked for, and found the tell tale sign of nystagmus. I could not find any meclazine (antivert), and remaining very cool, I called Patience in a panic. She suggested the Dramamine we had on hand, and as I prepared to give it to him my client arrived and the coffee pot began to steam. I put my new friend to work watching the coffee pot, gave Charlie the Dramamine and put him in a crate. Then, sat down for a cup of espresso and talked art for 15-20 minutes before returning to the studio to wrap the painting. When we completed our transaction and the customer left with his painting I returned to the house and gave Charlie and second dose of Dramamine, and thought I was seeing an improvement. Alas, that was not to be, and at q quarter to 5, with Charlie on the front seat beside me we headed off to see the Doc who would confirm the diagnosis and told me Dramamine was useless. On the way home we stopped for some Meclazine, which I administered as soon as we were in the house.

It is over 24 hours later and Charlie is a little better, but still very wobbly and unable to stop from tilting to his right. He cannot do steps so I carry him up and down our evil staircase. Fortunately he is content to lie down…flop down would be more accurate…on one of the floor beds in the kitchen-dining room and sleep.
It breaks my heart to see him like this, with a puzzled look on his face as he tries to understand why he can’t walk like he is used to walking. Fat Charlie (he is NOT fat) has always been, and still is, a good soul. He never asks for anything, doesn’t whine or cry, and always has an even disposition. But, he is getting old, and it seems to be happening rather quickly. I don’t think I want to talk about it any more.

Patience, Fat Charlie (sitting), and the late Giacomino in her lap


Laurie said...

oh dear... I'm so sorry to hear this about sweet Fat Charlie. Copy had the same trouble a couple of times but recovered and did fine. Still it's hard to see them when it's affecting them the worst.... sending hugs and kisses. P will be home soon, Charlie...

Stefanie said...

OH, I don't wanna talk about it anymore either!! I hope Charlie is getting better. It breaks my heart.

laurie said...

Oh Charlie, feel better soon...Patience will be home today...
big hugs and kisses,
Laurie, Riv and Sim