Saturday, April 16, 2011


Call it whatever you choose…making art, creativity at work, exploring the medium, artistic exercise, or artist at work, by any name it is still PLAYING. Just like the 5 year old with crayons and a piece of paper, I went at it with gusto today.
Looking at one of the clay mono types I pulled earlier this week I decided it needed a little something more for added interest, and looking around the studio I my eyes settled on the jars of thinned down acrylics I keep on hand. I retrieved the thick piece of acrylic from under the counter, sprayed it lightly with water and began playing with acrylic washes. Still not satisfied, I dried the print with the hair dryer, re-wet it, and began applying watercolor and ink, letting them run around the print until I found a satisfying pattern. One thing led to another, and before I was finished I had re-worked 4 or 5 prints.

That was fun, and the good news is…I’m not finished playing with them.

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