Monday, April 25, 2011


I use the pint sized heavy body acrylics in my work, and when I've finished with the jar (there is always some paint left that cannot be easily retrieved) I add some water and put it aside. The result is an ample supply of very aqueous acrylic paint that I've been using for glazing. Finding myself stuck in this "just playing around stage" Yesterday I tried something new.

I wanted to use some of the print paper I purchased several years ago that has been sitting in a large roll...waiting for something to happen. I stapled a piece to some upson board, soaked it, and let it dry, and then proceeded to paint with the aqueous acrylics as I would with watercolor. The sky and foreground were rendered in this manner. The abandoned building was then added using the acrylic in a heavier, opaque state.

Next, I mounted the painting on a cradled hardboard with mat medium gel and trimmed the edges. The final stage was a layer of Gamblin's cold wax medium.


I was quite please with the results and decided to repeat the process. As always, the second piece came in...well, second. But I can see more of this in my future.

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