Friday, January 20, 2012

I was thinking out-loud about what to prepare for tonight's pasta dinner when Patience suggested mushrooms, onions and bacon.  That sounded inspired and since her wish is my command...that is what we had.


Portobella mushrooms
Italian parsley
Olive oil
Sweet Vermouth
Dry basil and oregano 
Bacon coarsely chopped


Cook the bacon, remove and set aside, and drain of excess bacon fat.  Add olive oil to the pan and cook the onion and garlic until soft, then add the mushrooms, some of the parsley, seasoning and cook over medium to low heat, adding a splash of wine after 5 minutes.

When the pasta is done, add it to the pan and mix in the bacon and remaining parsley, drizzle with olive oil and serve with parmagiano reggiano cheese.


There were no leftovers!  And if I had cooked more than the 6-7 ounces of pasta, there still would have not been any leftover.  This was an absolute TEN.

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