Sunday, January 15, 2012

Working on the "less is more" theory

It is a very rare visitor to my gallery who knows what a clay mono type is. Despite the herculean efforts of Mitch Lyons who developed this unusual process, it remains an unknown art form to most people, including artists. I quickly learned that my attempts to describe the process failed miserably, and as a result I resorted to demonstrating the technique by creating 3 to 4 small abstract prints. After giving one to the each visitor I would toss the remaining demos in a box, thinking that someday I will find a use for them. Well that someday has arrived. For the past few days I've been selecting some of the demos to serve as support for a series of small pastel paintings. Today I have several more to share with you.

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Bill, this painting is a gem. But I don't get the technique. You said Mitch Lyons showed you. Is this some kind of mixed media or a kind of scumbling? I like the abstract quality of it.