Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Some of them have been with me for over 40 years; most of them were acquired twenty to thirty years ago. I'm referring of course to the books which have been both inspirational and instructional as I worked to create a second career for myself. They have served me well, but it is time to move on, especially since space is no longer as unlimited as it once was. About half of the books I've used frequently, a quarter of them were used occasionally, and the remainder rarely or not at all. I have never hesitated in acquiring a book or a journal that I thought would help me become a better artist. The books reflect my early interest in architecture and have served as references and resources for my work, as well as providing instruction in architectural drawing and rendering.

I will be holding a book sale in my gallery and studio this weekend with everything priced "to go". ($1.00 to $5.00) Wish me well.

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Gus said...

Wish we could join you for the sale. Except, the way we collect books, there would not be any left for the other customers.