Friday, December 7, 2007


I started my blog 5 months ago with the intention of using it to promote my book, HAVE I TOLD YOU TODAY THAT I LOVE YOU, as well as providing me with a format for my writing. I have been writing in my journal for years and I thought the blog would help me discipline myself to write for public consumption on a more regular basis. To some extent this has been the case. But I find that it is my art that has been the predominant focus of the blog, more than the writing or the book.

Reflecting on this has led to a number of lines of thought:

There is the pressure, strictly self imposed, of posting something everyday, whether it be an image, writing, or both. Because I have so much material to draw from, I could easily post a piece of art work or a journal sketch. Since it is difficult to have a polished piece prose (I could not resist that) ready on a daily basis, the art became more prevalent.

Once I began looking at other blogs, especially those related to art, I found them fascinating, informative, and inspiring, and this re-enforced my tendency to focus on the art.

In the beginning I wrote that I hoped to post 2-3 times a week. Now I fret if I miss a day!

So where does all this rambling lead me?

1.I still want to promote my book and will, from time to time post excerpts from it.
2. I will not worry about how often I post, once a day or once a week
3. I will allow the blog determine its own direction.
4. I will stop all this navel gazing. (And if anyone believes that I have a bridge I want to sell them.)
5. And I will continue to post my art and hope other bloggers enjoy the work as much as I enjoy theirs.

These windows are like potato chips, I can't stop! Acylic on panel (a discarded cabinet door) 18x18"


Patience-please said...

Yay! Your art is your essence. Of course it comes back to art. Otherwise, we sold the farm and left family and friends because...?
I love you-

Ester said...

that's a brilliant idea to paint on a cabinet door! It's already a framed format, so great :)