Friday, December 14, 2007


What can you do when the entire world seems like it is pressing down on your life, squeezing out all of the joy and worth that has accumulated over your years?

Where can you find the help to do that which only you alone can do?

Where can you find a friend when there are none around, when you feel utterly alone?

Where can you turn when the loss is too great to bear, or when it seems so unfair?

What can you do when the problems you face are so utterly overwhelming?

Where can you find a reason to live a life that you want to end?

Why do certain sounds, images, smells, or words have a way of piercing our shell it enter deep into a place within us, evoking emotions that have now words? Where is it? What is it that is buried so deep within.

There is some music, even that in foreign tongue, that reaches that place within me.

What does it mean to know something in your heart, and not in your head? Or is it our gut that knows. Our hearts, our guts, or how about our souls? We have names for these “places” that we cannot know.

I am sometimes embarrassed that I know no other language except english, but if I did, I wager there would be other names in other languages, all describing this same place.

Here is what I think about this place:

It is certainly not anatomical, but is numinous, existing in or around everyone, perhaps only a confluence of emotions. But is is real, in the sense that it can be felt or experienced.

It is in this place that we fully understand what we are, and what we are to become.

Everyone experiences or finds this place in their own unique way. For some it is a source of inner strength and resolve; for others a way to cope and recover. It is here that some people find their God, a source of spiritual enlightenment and joy. I imagine there are as many different experiences as there are individuals, with many sharing some basic similarities (Jung;s Collective Unconscious?)

My own experiences have given me an unshakable belief in the existence of this spiritual sweet spot.

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